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Announcing The Global Availability Of “Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service”

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August 25, 2016. Announcing the global availability of Jacob Edo’s book “Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service. This book was created to share Edo’s insights about the current economic, educational and medical situation in Nigeria, his homeland. DigitalTransformation will open the eyes of the public especially professionals young and old to the rampant problems in the country and will encourage readers to join in moving into the future of a better and stronger Nigerian economy that will curb illiteracy, ignorance and disease.

It is available through Amazon portal:

A few words from Jacobs Edo, for his book “Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service”: “Ending poverty is a big and complex challenge indeed. It has many causes, and there is certainly no silver bullet or single solution, but this complexity is solvable.”

Governments in developing countries today are grappling with a myriad challenge of governing in very demanding times.  Fewer budgetary resources, legacy overhead from longstanding institutional inefficiencies, limited access to training resources, a more demanding public now enamoured to the always on, online real-time access to services and information.  All these factors have worked to exacerbate this situation.  As a result, the challenges of governance in a developing environment in transition, has never been so great.

In all this turmoil, government officials are generally aware that there exist several systems and automated alternatives that specifically address a these challenges, in a cost effective and performance manner, but don’t have accurate but accessible information about what specific solutions are available, how the various technology solutions address these type of burgeoning needs or what the best practice approaches are towards implementing these digital transformations.

This book is written to bridge this knowledge gap and provide clear answers to the reader looking for answers. It is written in a clear but detailed manner, so as to provide a guide towards understanding the technology solution concepts, the specific scenarios where they can be applied especially in the context of developing environments, and the best approaches to be taken towards implementing such solutions while being aware of critical issues impacting execution.  It would serve as a long-term solution reference that is relevant at all stages of moving government forward through a digital transformation effort.

The final goal is to empower governments of developing countries like Nigeria with the knowledge and tools required to provide sustainable long-term solutions for and to the benefit of their people.

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Jacobs Edo
Trusted Advisor | Enterprise & Solution Architect | Public Speaker | Author
Known for a tireless professional work ethics, thought leadership in change management, and a focus on IT enabled digital transformation, Jacobs Edo has blazed a trail of multi-million dollar enterprise technology project achievement across industries and channels including oil and gas, government, non-profit organization and development finance institution. A trusted advisor to C-Suite executives, decision-makers, and corporate CFOs and CEOs, he has leveraged intense program and technical expertise to build a competitive digital advantage – fostering improved user experience and collaboration that won him unprecedented career growth, and led company’s foray into previously uncharted waters.

Jacobs’s ability to work closely with clients at all levels has created significant profit opportunities, edging out competitors while working through internal changes affecting business process re-design and automation, and demonstrating sincere interest in solving core client technical problems. As a result, his efforts have closed some of the largest technical deals in the global IT enterprise market, achieving what executives and colleagues had previously thought impossible.

Serving as an Enterprise Architect and Transformation Program Manager, Jacobs’s insight has been leveraged to filter out un-necessary requirements and streamlined business processes, while presenting a strong business case for proceeding with unprecedented programme developments for growing revenue potential. With a track record of continually growing self and business, Jacobs earned repeated promotions to the present senior executive level of ERP Systems Coordinator in the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) in Vienna, with manager’s responsibilities spanning four distinct IT charters: Governance, Risk and Compliance, User Experience, Shared Services, Business Process Re-design, Value Realization, and Digital Transformation with over 16+ years of work experience.